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Company formation in UAE

Tax savings, good governance, superior infrastructure, a luxurious lifestyle, and continually expanding opportunities are just a few of the significant advantages of company formation in Dubai. 

Different types of business licenses

a brief overview

Why setup your company in Dubai?


What do you get when you work with Delcroix?

You are provided with a company formation expert working out of the UAE since 2007, a team that knows all the ins and outs of doing business in dubai.


Dedicated service

Your initial point of contact with our committed representatives will ensure that you receive the proper setup and legal structure. Our consultants are multilingual, have expertise in every major industry, and will carefully study your firm to ensure that you are set up with the appropriate activity, in the appropriate jurisdiction, and with the appropriate structure.


Our Network

We make sure that the establishment of your business happens smoothly and that you gain access to our extensive network of contacts within the Dubai Economic Department, FDI, and other governmental agencies.



Our commitment doesn’t just stop after setup. Your dedicated Relationship Manager will advise you on the steps you need to take after the initial phase. From ensuring you are compliant with government requirements, to renewing your license and visa they'll make sure your company is watertight.


One stop shop

We provide a single solution for all your company setup and corporate service needs – from opening a business bank account and registering for VAT, to managing your accounting, insurance, IT, mail management requirements and more.   


Budget v/s Value

The costs associated with new business setup in Dubai UAE is based on variables such as the type of company to be incorporated, the type of license applied for, and the number of work visas required. For example, if your business has four partners and you plan to hire eight employees, visa application fees have to be paid separately for each individual.

Company setup in Dubai does not always require a minimum share capital, and is based on the size and structure of the organisation. Office rental charges too vary greatly, with choices ranging from virtual spaces and hot desks on 1-year contracts, to workshops, warehouses and large offices on long-term leases of up to 25 years.

The total cost of business setup in Dubai can be broadly divided into four components: documentation and attestations, licensing and share capital requirements, visa processing, and workspace.

Our direct connections

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Get the best corporate banking consultancy from the experts and take the first step towards a better business approach.


The banking system in the UAE is one of the safest in the world. You don’t need to worry about the privacy of your data when you open a bank account in the UAE.

Secure transactions

Banks in the UAE offer the utmost secure transactions for your business. You are always notified about your account updates and there is no possibility of any fraudulent activity taking place within the account.

Easy capital transfers

If you are a foreigner doing business in the UAE, capital transfers and currency exchanges are a major part of your business. This becomes easy with a corporate bank account for your business.

Advanced banking services

Banks in the UAE are technically sound and provide you with a variety of services, including instant money transfers, credit cards, and online banking.

What is Corporate Banking and Why is It Important in Any Business?

A corporate business account is the next big thing that holds major importance for business setup in Dubai. It makes your financial transactions simple and is highly recommended for better maintenance of your business funds. Corporate bank accounts in the UAE offer the facility of multi-currency accounts. A multi-currency account allows you to deal in multiple currencies which is very helpful for foreign investors as it reduces the overall transaction costs, and keeps your money transfers hassle-free.


Why Do Our Clients Trust Us With Corporate Banking?



Delcroix and Associates have more than 15 years experience in the banking sector. We have the expertise to guide you throughout the corporate banking process in the UAE.

  • We handle all your documentation and paperwork formalities as required by the bank.

  • With us, you get a hassle-free process while opening a business bank account in Dubai

  • Get the best assistance in making the right bank choice that caters to your business needs.

Other services of Delcroix:

- get travel visa for Europe - european passport - get residency permit in Europe - apply for USA visa - apply for schengen visa


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